Funda carro HC75
Funda carro HC75

Cover HCI-SIM-XL (for CA-Black and CI-SIM-XL)

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Waterproof PVC cover lined polyester.
Compatible with plancha and trolley assembly for CI-SIM XL and CA-BLACK models.
Dimensions: 105x50x93cm.

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To protect your plancha and its trolley when you are not using them, nothing could be simpler than the HCI-SIM-XL cover.
Made of PVC and lined with polyester, the HCI-SIM-XL cover makes it easy to protect your plancha and its trolley from bad weather and dust. 
Do not forget to remove the side shelves before putting the cover on the CI-SIM XL: the dimensions are designed for the trolley without shelves, so as to save space when you are not using the plancha. On the CA-BLACK, on the other hand, the worktop is fixed, so simply cover it with the protective cover.
In order to keep your plancha in optimal conditions, it is also recommended to dry your steel plate well and brush it with a thin layer of oil before storing it in its cover.
The HCI-SIM-XL cover is compatible with the following trolley models: CI-SIM XL (for 90cm planchas) and CA-BLACK (for 60, 70, 75cm planchas).
Dimension 105x50x93 cm.
suitable for CI-SIM XL and CA-BLACK trolleys
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