Plancha cooking has no secrets for you... But do you know how to clean your plancha like a real professional ?

As you can imagine, cleaning and maintaining the plancha-plate is essential if you want to keep your plancha in optimal conditions over time.

This will allow you to maintain the cooking performance of your plate and thus avoid higher than normal energy consumption. Indeed, if you do not clean your plancha plate well, food residues will end up creating a layer of grease that will prevent your plate from heating properly.  These residues being burned, they may also peel off to attach themselves to your food, which will strongly alter their taste and can therefore represent a health hazard.

Depending on the type of plate you have, discover below how to easily clean and maintain your gas plancha or your electric plancha

Planchas in hart chrome

Hard chrome planchas are the easiest to maintain because food does not adhere to the surface of the plate. Like carbon rolled steel and  ground steel plates, the cleaning of the plate is done by de-icing on the still hot plate and by means of a spatula to remove food residues.

Since hard chrome does not oxidize, there is no need to pass a layer of oil after drying the plate.

Planchas in carbon rolled steel and ground steel

This type of plate should be cleaned when it is still hot to make it easier for you to wash.

When the preparation of your food is finished, turn off the plancha and hot deglaze the plate with cold water or ice cubes while scraping the residue with a spatula. Under the effect of thermal shock, you can easily remove food residues and slide them into the grease container provided for this purpose.

During de-icing you will have to pay attention to water vapors so as not to burn yourself.

VERY IMPORTANT: when the plate is clean, dry it well and brush it with a thin layer of oil, not forgetting the edges, with a paper towel. This will protect your plate from oxidation.

If the maintenance instructions are not followed, your plaque may oxidize in some places. If you discover rust spots or your plate is extremely dirty, you will need to use a pumice stone to remove them.

Grease container

Do not forget to empty and clean the grease trap after each use. Made of stainless steel, it is dishwasher compatible. You can also clean it by hand with a sponge and dishwashing liquid.

Effectively protect your plancha

In addition to the maintenance tips mentioned above, to keep your plancha in optimal condition, it is recommended to equip your plancha with a lid and a cover that will protect it from dust and bad weather. This will also save you from having to clean it before any new use.