Braseros barbecue outdoor

The mix between barbecue and plancha

Are you looking for an outdoor barbecue brasero for your garden or terrace? 

Discover absolute happiness for barbecues, planchas and wood fire lovers thanks to our braseros. Carefully designed, our braseros are made of high-quality corten steel, equipped with a ground steel cooking plate. Our different models offer you a large cooking surface, ranging from 100cm to 120cm in diameter. Grill, cook and reheat your favourite dishes with ease.

Transform your garden into a friendly and warm space with our wood-fired braseros. Discover the art of outdoor cooking with elegance and practicality thanks to our plancha barbecue braseros.

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What is a brasero?

A brasero is a type of outdoor cooking appliance that originated in Spain and is widely used in many parts of Europe and Latin America. It consists of a flat plate (plancha) made of steel, which is heated with a fire underneath.

How does a brasero work ?

To use a brasero, wood or charcoal is usually burned in a compartment under the plancha plate, which heats the surface of the plate and the flat grill. The food is then cooked on the plancha or on the flat grill. This way, you can deliciously sear meats and vegetables for even, healthy cooking as well as give them that delicious charcoal taste that comes from barbecuing.

What are the advantages of a brasero ?

One of the main benefits of using a brasero is that it allows versatile cooking: plancha and barbecue.

The brasero's heating "cup" can hold a large amount of wood, which allows the plate to reach a high heat and thus sear meat and vegetables deliciously. The large flat surface offered by the plancha plate accommodates a wide variety of foods at once, meats, vegetables, fish and even seafood. The central grill heated by the embers gives you the possibility to cook your food in barbecue mode or to finish it after cooking on the plancha plate.

Another advantage of the brasero is that it is very easy to clean. The flat surface can be wiped with a damp cloth or scraper, and the remaining residue can be burned the next time it is used. In addition, our models have a removable plate for easy cleaning.

How do I choose the right brasero for my needs ?

When choosing a brasero, you need to consider several factors to ensure that you choose the model that best suits your needs.

First of all, consider the size, i.e. the cooking surface you need. If you're planning on cooking for a large group, you'll probably need a larger plancha plate. Take into account that braseros are quite large, so plan for enough space in your home. Finally, a storage space or a support to put your dishes on can be very useful. Some models include a base in which you can store your wood and all the accessories useful for your brasero. You can also use it as a cutting table and even as a food warmer...

What are the recommended materials for a brasero ?

Another important factor to consider is the material of the plate. Genuine plancha plates are made of rolled, ground or chrome-plated steel. Steel is used for its thermal conductivity, which allows for rapid temperature rise and homogeneous heat distribution, and for its ability to withstand high temperatures repeatedly without deforming.

How to mantain a brasero ?

When it comes to maintaining a plancha brasero, there are several steps you need to take to make it last for many years.

First, be sure to clean the cooktop after each use to prevent build-up. Clean the plate like a plancha plate by pouring cold water or ice cubes onto the hot plate, then remove any food residues with a spatula. Once clean, don't forget to oil the plate well to protect it from rust. Also store your brasero in a dry place or put above a protective cover to preserve it from the weather.

How do I turn a brasero on and off safely ?

To light :

  • Make sure the cooking surface is clean and free of dirt.
  • Put wood or charcoal in the compartment under the base of the plancha plate.
  • Use a lighter or matches to light wood or charcoal. It can be helpful to use fire starters like for barbecues.
  • Wait for wood or charcoal to heat the plancha before adding food.

To turn off :

  • Use the brasero lid to stop burning.
  • If you don't have a lid, let the wood or charcoal burn completely.
  • If desired, use tongs or a poker to remove any wood or charcoal debris. You can also leave them for the next use.
  • Empty the ash drawer.
  • Wait until the brasero is completely cool to grease the plate (the plate will have been hot-cleaned) to protect it from rust.
  • Store your brasero in a sheltered place or cover it with a protective cover

How to use a brasero plancha for cooking ?

If you are using a brasero for cooking, preheat the plancha plate for a few minutes before adding food. Then add the food and cook as you like, turning occasionally to ensure even cooking.

What is the average cost of a brasero ?

The price of a brasero can vary depending on factors such as size, material, features, and accessories included. The models cost between 1100 euros and 3000 euros.

How do I store and protect  brasero when I'm not using it ?

To store and protect your brasero when not in use, it is recommended to keep it in a dry, covered place, such as a garage or shed. Be sure to clean the plate thoroughly before storing it to prevent food build-up and corrosion. It is strongly advised to apply a light coat of vegetable oil to protect the plate from rust.