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The Chrom Extreme 60 pack is the most equipped plancha set. It includes the accesories needed to enjoy the authentic plancha cooking in your garden. It is the must-have of this summer!

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Pack description

Make the most of your plancha with the Chrom Extreme 60 pack. It includes the plancha Chrom Extreme 60 made of chromed steel, the CI60 cart, the HCI60 cover and the stainless steel lid CVE60. The plancha is equipped with a removable plancha griddle, 6 mm thick and with 5 cm lip. It is also composed of an electronic piezo igniter and a liquid container to the front. Protect your plancha from the weather when it is not in use with the HCI60 cover and the CVE60 lid and keep it for many years. Use the CI60 cart to transport your plancha and gas bottle everywhere you want. Enjoy the summer with your family and friends by cooking in your garden with the Chrom Extreme 60 pack!

Pack content

The gas plancha Extreme 90 Efficiency  is the authentic spanish plancha made of chromed steel alloy (90x40 cm).

The Extreme 90 Efficiency with chromed steel alloy, covered with 90 micron chrome and hermetically heat-sealed on the upper edges.

It is composed with an electronic piezo igniter, 18 mm thick and a liquid container to the back. 3 burners in "H" shape and a power up to 9,9 KW. 

The plancha Extreme 90 chromed steel alloy supersedes the Chrome Plancha 90.

Data sheet

Plate material
Hard Chrome Steel 18mm.
Surface de cuisson
Dimensions plancha
Gas type
Gas, propane, butane
Oil Container
Front 1,2L

Protect your plancha Extreme 90 (90 cm) with the Simogas lid when it is not in use. 

The CVE90 lid protects your Extreme 90 when it is not in use. It is made of rustproof stainless steel and specially fabricated for the plancha Extreme 90. The CVE90 is the must-have to take care of your plancha when you are not using it. 

Protect your plancha and stainless steel cart up to 75 cm with the plancha cover HCI75.

The HCI75 plancha cover is made of heavy duty plastic cover in double crossed PVC. Protect your plancha and stainless steel cart, when it is not in use, with the Simogas cover.

The HCI75 cover is compatible with the next plancha models: AUTÉNTICA EP75.11 + CI75, ENAMELLED-AUTÉNTICA EPM 75.11 + CI75, DELUXE 75.11 + CI75, ENAMELLED-DELUXE EFM75.11 + CI75, PROFESSIONAL-DELUXE ACERO REC75.11 + CI60, ESTIVALE 75.11 + CI75, ESTIVALE STAR 75 + CI75, EXTREME 75 + CI75, ENAMELLED-EXTREME 75+ CI75, PROFESSIONAL-EXTREME 75 + CI75, CHROME-EXTREME 75 + CI75, FUTURA 75 + CI75, ENAMELLED-FUTURA 75 + CI75, SILVER 75+ CI75, ENAMELLED-SILVER 75 + CI75, ELP75 + CI75, REC 75 E+ CI75. 

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