Plancha carbon rolled steel

Are you looking for gas plancha made of carbon rolled steel or stainless steel? These are the most common for family use. Gas planchas in carbon rolled steel, indeed offer a very good quality / price ratio for individuals who wish to afford a professional quality plancha at a lower cost.

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Buy the best carbon rolled steel gas plancha

Are you looking for a quality carbon rolled steel or stainless steel plancha? You've come to the right place.

Carbon rolled steel cooktops are 6 mm thick and have good thermal inertia. Indeed, when you place a new food to cook on your plancha, the thermal balance is only slightly disturbed and the plate rises in temperature quickly. Your food is seized in a few moments to ensure an ever tastier cuisine: this is the magic of laminated steel planchas. 

The heat distribution on the hob is also diffused to allow you to cook a large amount of food simultaneously.

Very strong, carbon rolled steel planchas withstand extreme temperatures by reaching about 300 ° temperature. Robust over time too, they are not at all sensitive to shocks and scratches of any kind. You can use sharp utensils, such as knives, without fear of damaging your plate.

Prevents rust of carbon rolled steel plates

Of course, carbon rolled steel gas planchas have a black anti-corrosion coating, but it is only temporary. It will leave at the end of the first uses to give way to the true color of rolled steel, gray. It is sensitive to the acidity of food.

If you want to keep your plancha in optimal conditions, you will be essential to follow some maintenance tips. Once past the cleaning phase, it will be necessary to ensure that the plate is dry before brushing it with a thin layer of oil that will protect it from corrosion. Your plate should be shiny.

As you will have understood, laminated steel planchas offer you an exemplary cooking quality for a professional result. Now all you have to do is choose your model at  A La Plancha !