Plancha SILVER

Nouveauté de l’année 2016, la plancha Silver en acier laminé est l’évolution logique de la gamme Autentica en acier laminé.

Electronic piezo, stainless steel structure, 6 mm thick plate, safety thermocouple or even H-burners with a total power of 6.6 kW, the Silver plancha in rolled steel retains all the advantages of the previous EP60 and EP75 models. Available in two sizes – 60 and 75 cm – the plancha Silver in rolled steel offers a more modern design with its square shaped box. Still for the sake of aesthetics, the gas connection system is now at the back of the appliance so that the pipe is no longer visible on the side of the plancha. The grease container has also been modified so that it can be emptied an cleaned more easily. And the icing on the cake, a range of lids has been specially designed to adapt perfectly to these two models.