Plancha carbon rolled steel

Professional quality, electric carbon rolled steel planchas are ideal when you want to cook on your balcony, terrace or even indoors.

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Everything you need to know about electric carbon rolled steel planchas

Are you looking for an electric plancha made of carbon rolled steel?

Thanks to the plaques de plancha plates, you can make a large number of grilling recipes, using very little oil and other fats.  Now you can cook healthy dishes with a truly exquisite taste.

With a plate thickness of 4 mm, they have a thermal inertia similar to gas carbon rolled steel panchas. Indeed, when you place a new food to cook on your plancha, the thermal balance is only slightly disturbed and rises in temperature quickly. Your food is seized in a few moments to ensure an ever tastier cuisine. 

Carbon rolled steel plates for optimal cooking.

The distribution of heat on the hob is also diffused to allow you to cook a large amount of food simultaneously. You can also easily adjust the cooking temperature with the built-in thermostat button.

Very strong, the electric planchas made of carbon rolled steel resist extreme temperatures by easily reaching 300 ° temperature. Robust over time too, they are not at all sensitive to shocks and scratches of all kinds.

The only downside to carbon rolled steel: oxidation.

Certainly electric planchas in carbon rolled steel, have an anti-corrosion coating of black color, but this one is only temporary. It will leave at the end of the first uses to give way to the true color of carbon rolled steel, gray.

As you will have understood, the electric planchas in carbon rolled steel offer you an exemplary cooking quality for a professional result. Now all you have to do is choose your model with us.