With the plancha trolley, you will easily transport your plancha and the accessries and tools for plancha you need wherever you want.

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Types of trolleys for plancha

We even manufacture stainless steel trolley or steel trolley, you will find sure the model that suits you and that combines perfectly with your plancha whether it is a gas plancha or an electric plancha.

Depending on the type of environment in which you are going to place your product, we recommend an outdoor stainless steel plancha trolley (to obtain this silver color).

The advantages of plancha accessories

When we buy furniture for the plancha, it's like we're taking it to the next level in terms of the dining experience. Here are some of the benefits of having a grill stand:

- Transport: The trolleys for plancha allow you to transport everything more easily, thanks to its wheels

- Height: Using an outdoor plancha trolley, you can cook in a comfortable position.

- Stability: you can cook on such a support with the certainty that it will not move.

 Support: By using a plancha trolley, you can leave the plancha accessories and tools, to use them when you need them.