Planchas accessories and packs

Find your accessories and plancha packs here and start cooking like a real professional. Discover now all the plancha tools that will help you become a great chef

Are you looking for accessories for your plancha? Here you will find different utensils that will be useful to you to become a kitchen expert:

- Chef coat.

- Gas regulator.

- Plancha cover.

- Spatulas.


If you are a true food lover and you like to surprise your guests, you need this plancha pack.

All these accessories and tools for the plancha, are planned and designed so that you can get the most out of the dishes and recipes you want to make.

With these plancha accessories, your creativity will have no limits. You can cook any product (vegetables, meat ...), without worrying about the result.

Take a look at all our products, and choose the ones you need to start cooking like a real chef.