Plancha Cart CBR78 Simogas




Carry your plancha and gas bottle in maximum comfort with the CBR78 cart (up to 78 cm).

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199,90 €

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The CBR78 cart Simogas is made of exotic wood in natural red. It is mobile and solid, to carry your plancha and gas bottle.

The CBR78 is compatible with the next plancha and cover models: AUTÉNTICA EP60.11, AUTÉNTICA EP75.11, ENAMELLED-AUTÉNTICA 60.11, ENAMELLED-AUTÉNTICA 75.11, DELUXE LUX60.11, DELUXE LUX75.11, ENAMELLED-DELUXE EFM60.11, ENAMELLED-DELUXE EFM75.11, DELUXE REC60.11, DELUXE REC75.11, ESTIVALE 60.11, ESTIVALE STAR 75.11, EXTREME 75, ENAMELLED-EXTREME 75, PROFESSIONAL-EXTREME 75, CHROME-EXTREME 75, FUTURA 60, ENAMELLED-FUTURA 60, FUTURA 75, ENAMELLED-FUTURA 75 and RAINBOW. It is also compatible with the plancha covers HC75 and HCI75.