Stainless Steel Trolley with pair of side shelves

Discover our stainless steel plancha trolleys to learn the features they offer us for our gas planchas and our electric planchas, as well as to transport the plancha accessories that allow us to cook like great chefs

Suitable for 60 and 75 cm big planchas, these stainless steel trolleys will also allow you to use them as a worktop thanks to their folding shelves.

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Types of stainless steel plancha trolleys

The models of stainless steel plancha trolleys that we have in stock differ from each other by their size. You can buy the one that suits you best depending on the plancha dimensions you bought.

Features of our stainless steel trolleys for plancha

Brilliant silver in color, they combine perfectly with houses and dwellings that have elements of the same tone: banisters, metal stairs, iron lamps... Thus, our stainless steel plancha furniture will not only serve as a support, but also as a decorative element in your space.

This stainless steel plancha trolley can store a large gas bottle inside (covering it so that it is not visible), a few shelves to keep utensils, and perfect mobility thanks to its wheels.

Relying on this stainless steel trolley is the best option to become a professional cook, and to be able to surprise all your guests.