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Funda carro HC75

Cover HCI75 (for CA-Black and CI-SIM-XL)


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Protect your plancha and stainless steel cart up to 75 cm with the plancha cover HCI75.

The HCI75 plancha cover is made of heavy duty plastic cover in double crossed PVC. Protect your plancha and stainless steel cart, when it is not in use, with the Simogas cover.

The HCI75 cover is compatible with the next plancha models: AUTÉNTICA EP75.11 + CI75, ENAMELLED-AUTÉNTICA EPM 75.11 + CI75, DELUXE 75.11 + CI75, ENAMELLED-DELUXE EFM75.11 + CI75, PROFESSIONAL-DELUXE ACERO REC75.11 + CI60, ESTIVALE 75.11 + CI75, ESTIVALE STAR 75 + CI75, EXTREME 75 + CI75, ENAMELLED-EXTREME 75+ CI75, PROFESSIONAL-EXTREME 75 + CI75, CHROME-EXTREME 75 + CI75, FUTURA 75 + CI75, ENAMELLED-FUTURA 75 + CI75, SILVER 75+ CI75, ENAMELLED-SILVER 75 + CI75, ELP75 + CI75, REC 75 E+ CI75. 

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