PVC Covers

Simple and practical to use, our selection of covers for planchas and trolleys are easily put on to protect them effectively.

Designed in PVC and lined in polyester, they are water resistant and protect gas planchas and electric planchas, and / or its trolleys for planchas from bad weather.

The protective covers for plancha, are compatible with many models of the Simogas brand. To choose yours with confidence, you will find in each product description the list of planchas and trolleys compatible with the different covers.

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How to take care of the equipment and keep it in good condition using the plancha cover?

If there's one thing we're experts at Simogas, it's everything about hops, braziers and accessories. Thus, in order to ensure the best quality and more than 20 years of warranty on plates and burners, we also offer covers and lids to protect your plancha.

In this way, we protect it from temperature changes (heat and cold), rain (because the plancha covers we offer are also waterproof), the sun, and we allow the duration of the plancha to be longer.

In addition, when you protect your plancha, you also avoid having to clean up dust and dirt that can accumulate over time: whether you keep it in a storage room or in the garden.

Characteristics of plancha covers

When we talk about protecting plancha, we also think of tanks. We therefore distinguish two types of plancha covers for outdoor or indoor use that we offer to all our customers:

- Plancha cover.

- Plancha and trolley cover.

Option 1: If you already use your own stand to support your plancha or if you use it indoors, you have the option of using the cover that only covers the plancha.

Option 2: In case you have purchased the pack of gas planchas on trolley, it is strongly recommended to use the complete plancha waterproof covers. This type allows you to cover both the plate and the trolley, thus avoiding protecting the stand and plate.

For what types of planchas can a plancha cover be used?

We adapt our plate protection systems according to the dimensions of the product:

- 60 cm

- 70 cm

- 75 cm

- 90 cm