Plancha RAINBOW Electric

Advantages of the RAINBOW electric plancha

RAINBOW electric hobs are laminated steel hobs that stand out for their bold designs and the quality of their finishes. These grills offer a compact design (50x30 cm) and are very light, which makes it easy to transport them from place to place without much effort.

These RAINBOW electric plates have high power (2.4 kW), so you can cook any type of food on them, keeping all its properties and flavor intact. You can find the RAINBOW electric hobs in 6 different colors to choose according to your preferences: purple, green, blue, red, orange and yellow.

These plancha can be used both indoors and outdoors (garden, terrace...) as they only need to be plugged into the mains and they start working. Once plugged in, wait a few minutes for it to reach its maximum power (300 degrees) and... that's it!