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Plancha SILVER 60 Steel Simogas
Plancha SILVER 60 Steel Simogas


SILVER 60 Acier
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The family plancha for traditional outdoor cooking.

Gas plancha. Cooktop 60x40cm in carbon rolled steel 6mm thick. 304 stainless steel structure. 4 fire lines distributed throughout the plate for homogeneous cooking. Suitable for butane or propane and compatible with city gas. Recommended for 6-8 people. Eco-responsible consumption.

20 Years Guarantee Simogas

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Carbon rolled steel cooking plate.

Thickness of 6 mm and 3cm high lip.
Hermetically heat-sealed on the upper edges.
Fixed griddle of 60x40cm.
Appearance : Black color.



Wall body made of stainless steel 304.
Height adjustable feed.



2 INOX steel burners, H shaped (4 lines of fire distributed on the whole griddle for a homogeneous cooking) located at 20mm from the plate (no heat loss).



Electronic piezo ignition (AA battery provided). 
Safety thermocouple (cuts off the gas if the flame goes out).



For use with propane gas or butane gas.
Environmentally-Responsible consumption.



Removable grease container to the left side, made of stainless steel (to easily remove food residues).
Capacity : 700ml. 

Manufacturer's note

Optimal thermal inertia thanks to its thickness of 6mm. The laminated steel  plancha is adapted to a family use for your kitchen or in your garden.

A powerful temperature build-up. Burners are located very close to the griddle this fact  is reducing gas consumption . The power/temperature ratio is optimal for an environmentally-responsible consumption.

Steel is an excellent heat conductor offering a perfect cooking for all kind of food: meat, fish, seafood, vegetables, fruit, ...

During the manufacturing process, the plate undergoes a heat treatment that gives it an optimal hardness on the surface, maintaining the desired strength in the core. This process protects against oxidation between manufacturing and arrival at the customer's premises and gives a black appearance to the surface (the plate turns brown on the surface) that is neither a coating nor a paint. This black color disappears with the use or contact with acidic foods (tomatoes, lemons, vinegar ...) and this change of appearance is part of the normal life of your plancha.

It is possible to cut food on the plate.

Always light all the burners but it is possible to set different temperatures on each control knob.

Cooking plate cleaning is a quick and easy operation : pour water or ice cubes on the hot grill plate to deglaze and remove the residues with a spatula into the grease container. Don't forget to clean the grease container after. Allow to cool completely before cleaning with dish detergent or degreaser. 

IMPORTANT: Once the plate has cooled, ALWAYS grease the plate (food oil of your choice) after each use, so that it does not rust, until the plate looks shiny. We advise you not to use vinegar or any other acidic product on your plancha.

Plate material
Laminated Steel 6mm
Cooking area
Gas type
Gas, propane, butane
Oil Container
Front Grease Tap
For outdoor and indoor use
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