Recipe book for plancha cooking

Looking for plancha recipe books? Below are different products that will help you become a real chef.

In our cookbooks for plancha you will find recipes for cooking with gas planchas or electric planchas.

What are the best cookbooks for plancha cooking?

The best cookbook on the internet is the cookbook "Voyages à la plancha", by Simogas.

This book, very complete with its 239 pages, will allow you to immerse yourself in the plancha world and its recipes. Marinades, sauces, tapas, fish, seafood, meats, vegetables and desserts, not forgetting the tips of chef Pierre-Henry Vannieuwenhuyse... It's all there!

How do I choose a plancha cookbook that suits my tastes and needs?

To choose a plancha recipe book that suits your tastes and needs, you need to take into account several factors:

  • Plancha type: Make sure the cookbook you choose is suitable for the plancha type you have. There are several plancha types on the market, such as the electric planchas, gas planchas and cast iron planchas, among others.

  • Experience level: If you're an experienced cook, you can opt for a plancha recipe book with more advanced and sophisticated recipes. If you're a beginner, look for a book that offers simpler, easier-to-follow recipes.

  • Cuisine type: If you have specific culinary preferences, look for a book that focuses on that type of cuisine. For example, if you're into Mediterranean cuisine, look for a book that offers recipes from that region.

  • Dietary needs: If you have specific dietary needs, such as being vegetarian or gluten intolerant, look for a book that offers recipes that cater to those needs.

What recipes are offered in plancha cookbooks?

As for the recipes types offered in plancha cookbooks, they usually include a wide variety of dishes, from meat and fish to vegetables and desserts. They can also include recipes for sauces and side dishes to complement grilled meals. Some plancha cookbooks also offer tips and tricks on how to prepare the different ingredients on a plancha and choose the best way to grill for each type of dish.

How do I use recipes from plancha cookbooks?

To use the recipes from plancha cookbooks, the first thing you need to do is read the entire recipe to make sure you understand all the steps and ingredients you need. It's also important to check out the tips and tricks offered in the book for plancha cooking.

What tips and tricks are offered in plancha cookbooks?

To cook on the plancha, it is recommended to preheat the plancha to the temperature indicated in the recipe and make sure that the surface is well greased. Once the plancha plate is hot, it is important not to overload it with food, as this can affect the cooking temperature.

Plancha cookbooks often offer tips for preparing food before cooking, such as marinating meat or thinly slicing vegetables. They can also offer suggestions for side dishes or sauces to complement dishes.

How do you learn to cook on the plancha with a cookbook?

One way to learn how to plancha cooking from a cookbook is to start with simple recipes and familiarize yourself with the process of cooking on a plancha. When you feel more comfortable, you can try more complex recipes and experiment with different food and preparations. Feel free to tailor the recipes to your tastes and needs, and improvise with whatever ingredients you have on hand.

How to find plancha cookbooks online?

To find plancha cookbooks on the internet, the best thing to do is to browse this section of our website. Here you will find the most complete recipe book at the most competitive price on the market to prepare the best plancha cooking recipes.

How to Rate the quality of plancha cookbooks before buying Them?

To evaluate the quality of plancha cookbooks before you buy them, you can read reviews from other customers who have already purchased and used the book. In addition, you can research the author of the book, their experience, and their credentials in the culinary world.

How can I find plancha cookbooks suitable for special diets?

To find cookbooks for special diets, you can do a specific search on the diet you want, for example "gluten-free plancha cookbooks" or "vegetarian plancha cookbooks". There are also websites specialized in specific diets, which offer plancha cookbooks adapted to these needs, as is the case of our company.