Plancha ground steel

Electric planchas made of ground steel are ideal when you want to cook professionally whether on your balcony, terrace or even indoors.

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Are you looking for electric planchas made of ground steel to use professionally or for yourself? Here you will find all the necessary information.

Being lighter than conventional gas planchas, they also offer the advantage of not being cluttered with a gas cylinder.

With a plate thickness of 12 mm, identical to gas planchas, electric planchas made of ground steel offer the same thermal inertia. Thus, when you place a new food to cook on your electric plancha, the thermal balance is only slightly disturbed and rises in temperature quickly.

Your food is seized in a few moments to ensure an ever tastier cuisine.

Thanks to its professional plate, you will also be able to cook large quantities of food simultaneously.

Electric planchas made of ground steel steel withstand extreme temperatures and can easily reach 300° temperature, although it is not necessary to cook at such high temperatures. Robust over time too, they are not at all sensitive to shocks and scratches of all kinds.

Steel is oxidizing, if you want to keep your plancha in optimal conditions it will be essential for you to follow some maintenance tips to protect your plate from corrosion when the temporary black coating has disappeared.

As you will have understood, the electric planchas in rectified steel offer you an exemplary cooking quality for a professional result. Now all you have to do is choose your model at Simogas: Your trusted planchas manufacturer !