Placa de Acero laminado PLL-60
Placa de Acero laminado PLL-60

Plancha plate PLL60 Simogas carbon rolled steel

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Give new life to your plancha by opting for a high quality 60x40 plancha plate. This plate measures 60x40 cm, which makes it compatible with most 60 cm planchas.
We offer a wide range of planchas, including EXTREME, SILVER, ESTIVALE, LUX, EP models. To ensure compatibility, please send us a photo of your plancha (of the front part) and confirm if your current plate is removable or secured with bolts.
With our plancha plate alone 60 x 40, you can enjoy optimal cooking. We also offer cast iron and stainless steel options, such as our cast iron plate for plancha 60 x 40 or stainless steel plate for plancha 60 x 40, to suit your personal preferences.
Opt for quality and durability with our range of 60x40 plancha plates. We are here to offer you the best solution for your plancha.

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Choose the PLL60 carbon rolled steel plate to renovate your plancha while preserving its chassis!
The PLL60 60x40 plancha plate, made of high quality rolled steel, allows you to change the plate of your plancha while maintaining its original chassis. This plate measures 60x40 cm, making it compatible with the 60 cm planchas of the Simogas range, including the EXTREME, SILVER and LUX, EP models. Before ordering, make sure of compatibility by sending us a photo of the front part of your plancha and confirming if your current plate is removable or secured with bolts.
If you have another model of plancha or additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us at the following address:
The rolled steel plate has a thickness of 6 mm and has a 5 cm rim for optimal cooking.
For the maintenance of your rolled steel hob, nothing could be simpler. Once the plate is still warm, deglaze it with cold water or ice cubes, then scrape off the residue with a maintenance spatula. After cleaning the plaque, wipe it thoroughly and apply a thin layer of oil with a soft cloth to prevent the appearance of rust spots.
With the PLL60 Plate, you can extend your plancha life while maintaining excellent cooking quality.
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