Pack Corten Brazier Jupiter 100cm

The brasero with elegant and functional design
The Jupiter brasero is made of corten steel and the cooking plate of carbon laminated steel.
Large cooking surface thanks to its 100cm diameter. The circular carbon laminated steel cooking plate allows you to grill, cook and heat any food and easily prepare different types of dishes for 20 people and more. Its table-shaped base provides ample storage space for your cooking utensils and logs. Its fire also converts your garden into a friendly and warm space.

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Pack content

Jupiter Corten Brazier 100cm
Large lid for Brasero 100cm
Flat grill for Brazier
High central grid for brazier
Tongs for Grill of Brasero
Jupiter 100 corten brazier protective cover
Wheels for Brasero Jupiter
Wooden chopping board for Brasero
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