Plancha sales

Welcome to our plancha sale section at, where you'll find the best deals on our electric and gas planchas. It's the perfect time to enrich your kitchen with a professional-quality plancha at a great price.

Discover our incredible plancha sales at Alaplancha where quality meets exceptional prices. Our offerings encompass a variety of premium models, including the Simogas RAINBOW INOX Carbon Rolled Steel Plancha, now at just €725.90, and the RAINBOW BLACK, available at €675.48. These planchas are perfect for those looking to combine elegance and performance in their outdoor kitchen.

For gas cooking enthusiasts, don't miss our PACK 3 PLANCHA GAZ EXTREME 75 HARD CHROME EFFICIENCY, currently on sale at €1,526.86, reduced from €2,349.01. This offer represents an incredible saving of 35%! In addition, our EFFICIENCY EXTREME 75 HARD CHROME GAS PLANCHA is 27% off, available now at €1,104.05.

For modern cooks, our DREAM/DP45 CARBON ROLLED STEEL ELECTRIC PLANCHA IS A MUST-HAVE OPTION, NOW AT €443.57. And for a complete cooking experience, consider our RAINBOW INOX REC GAS PLANCHA PACK, on sale at €1,220.81, reduced from €1,744.01.

Colour lovers will appreciate our RAINBOW Red Plancha, available in a pack with a steel trolley for only €895.24, a saving of €465.61. Similarly, the RAINBOW RED Carbon Rolled Steel Gas Plancha is a great deal at €675.48.

For cooks looking for robustness and durability, our EXTREME 75 Ground Steel Gas Plancha is now 25% off, available at €680.55, and the EXTREME 60 at 20% off, at €564.59. Finally, for a more affordable option without compromising on quality, the SILVER 60 Carbon Rolled Steel Gas Plancha is available at -32.5%, or €374.28.

At Simogas, we are committed to offering the best planchas on the market at unbeatable prices. Our offers are the perfect opportunity to equip your kitchen space with a high-quality plancha. Take advantage of these amazing offers to enhance your dining experience with Simogas.