The good cook, in addition to creating succulent dishes, also has to keep his kitchen clean.

How much time will we have wasted scrubbing pans and pots? Or how many times have we wanted to avoid that precise moment, just after eating, in which you enter into an internal struggle between "you have to scrub the kitchen" and "you better take a little time on the sofa, which you will scrub later"?

With our Simogas gas or electric plancha that fight is over, because they are incredibly easy to clean. It will take a few minutes to leave your perfect plancha for your next use.

The maintenance of Simogas planchas varies according to the material of the hob, so first of all, make sure what type of hob your plate has: rolled steel, carbon ground steel, enamelled cast steel or chrome hard.

If your hob is made of rolled steel or carbon ground steel, pour very cold water (or even ice cubes) on it while it is still hot. With the help of a spatula, remove the adhering residues and then dry with absorbent paper. Once perfectly dry, spray it with oil and distribute it with more absorbent paper.

Your plancha may have an enamelled cast plate. This type of material is somewhat more delicate than the previous ones, so it is important to clean it when it is cold. Pour water at room temperature on your plate and, as in the previous procedures, we scrape the food remains with the help of a spatula. To preserve for a longer time that characteristic shine of enamelled cast plancha, finish the cleaning with mild abrasive detergents, avoiding using lemon, vinegar or any other type of acid.

To keep your chrome plate hard like the first day, just pour a few ice cubes on the still hot plate and remove the food remains with the help of a spatula et voilà! Now You have your hard chrome plancha ready for reuse.

In either case, you must remove the fat collector after each use to empty the food remains that are in it.

Trick: to prevent the remains of the fat collector from falling, place absorbent paper in the bottom of the drawer.

In order for your kitchen griddle, whether gas or electric, to remain in perfect condition for longer, it is important to clean it after each use or in depth once a week. When you are not using your sheet steel or carbon steel ground after a certain time, it is recommended to clean it to prevent it from rusting. Protect your plancha with a cover and a sleeve to keep it in perfect condition.

Take care of your plancha and you will have the best kitchen companion for a long time by your side.